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One of the Leading and Successful Software Developers of Engineering Applications in India

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Sanketha Software Solutions (SANSOSO) is one of the leading software development companies in India. SANSOSO has taken up and successfully introduced software packages for quantity surveying, and construction site management, commencing with the trivial sparks of innovations and traversing a tiny chronic stretch of a few years marvellous software manifestations found the realization of many Software Packages like ESTIMA, QUANTINEER, etc

Our Software Packages aim at making engineering applications easier for the architects, engineers, builders, etc. Our products are developed in such a way that the automation of different facets in the engineering process like Quantity surveying, construction site management is really helpful for the clients/ users and takes only less work effort from them. Salient features of our products include ability to take and process input data intelligently and produce outputs at an amazing speed and efficiency. It is important to note that our software work in its full capacity when its having huge work load. This is a differentiating feature of SANSOSO products.


At SANSOSO, we work so that we simplify your work.

We have introduced globally acceptable Software Packages that incorporates ease to any engineering projects.

Some of our key products are ESTIMA,QUANTINEER, ETC.

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We simplify,

We believe in simplifying hard work required in any engineering projects...

Construction site management

If you are an ESTIMA user, you can simply import the abstract estimate from it as reference data base

Time scheduling

Time scheduling of works can be made easy by the sharp and negotiable tools of QUANTINEER

Materials Management

Enjoy maintaining of records on transfer of materials from site to site.


Maintains the site accounts automatically by simple data entry, for every particular site.


Analysis of labour materials consumed for a work can be made through GUI of QUANTINEER.

Wood Work

ESTIMA gives you full details of wood work with a few clicks.

Dynamic Saving

Don't worry about power failure as ESTIMA saves all the entries dynamically .

Cost clock

ESTIMA keeps vigil on cost with a Dynamic cost clock which helps the engineer in making correct decisions.

We produce Globally acceptable Software Packages

SANSOSO has successfully introduced Globally Acceptable Software Packages with International Industrial Standards.

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