QUANTINEER is a software product meant for construction site management ,which can be used by buliders, engineers, contractors etc. Data to be entered are essentially the already estimated quantity of the various items involved in a particular site. if you are an ESTIMA user you can simply import the abstract estimate from it as reference data base. Every day, the labour details and payments are to be entered. QUANTINEER will immediately generate an up-to-date picture for efficient management of the project . The manager get

  • Accounting Details
  • 1) Material stock
  • 2) Current working status
  • 3) Material requirement up to any particular date
  • 4) Appropriate warning for finance and materials
  • 5) Time scheduling
  • 6) Graphical process control information

Salient Features

Site Explorer

To study and evaluate the details of a site under construction at a glance

Time scheduling

Time scheduling of works can be made easy by the sharp and negotiable tools of QUANTINEER.

Time Bar Chart

This chart makes sure that the work progresses as per schedule.

Work Diary

Day book Maintaining makes simple and accurate through QUANTINEER updating the site information regularly.

Materials Management

Enjoy maintaining of records on transfer of materials from site to site. Indicates the time, period and quantity of materials to be purchased.


Maintains the site accounts automatically by simple data entry, for every particular site.

Data input

Input of data through data feeder avoids complicated calculations.


Analysis of labour materials consumed for a work can be made through GUI of QUANTINEER.


Various types of reports can be generated by the user simultaneously.