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ESTIMA is a software product for estimating civil structures. It adopts standard practices and it is applicable to all English speaking countries therefore it can be used by any consulting engineer, architect, contractor, bulider etc. provisions have been laid in ESTIMA for both British (feet-inches-lbs) and metric (meter-kg) systems. ESTIMA is flexible, accurate and highly user-friendly. An engineer can get acquainted with ESTIMA in just half an hour.

ESTIMA accomplishes a fantastically high speed for estimating work. It is interesting to note that the speed of ESTIMA cannot be compared with that of manual and macro practises, because nine reports are generated simultaneously by ESTIMA. The larger the structure the more efficient is ESTIMA. ESTIMA incorporates much other assistance such as the " mix calculator ","offset generator " and "shapes " etc. The "auto demo " and "dynamic help " are other features which go guiding the users in his job.

The first facet of any engineering project is to prepare the required designs followed by elaborate drawings. This relates to much of the intuition and imagination. The process is absorptive and interesting to most engineers. However automation of this facet has come through some internationally acclaimed products .

The second facet is quantity surveying or estimating. This realm has not been catered by any of the multinational software giants. Fortunate enough to state is that Sanketha Software Solutions have taken up successfully the task of developing a software for estimating commencing with the trivial sparks of innovations and traversing through a tiny chronic stretch of a few years finding the realization of ESTIMA.

Global Acceptability

Our products are incorporated with many features for presenting in global Market. Standard practice of engineering is adopted for estimation in our products. The reports and outputs generated by the software are acceptable to any English speaking engineer/architect. Currency Conversion and labour redistribution can be done to configure our products worldwide.

Global Base

we have many satisfied users from different parts of India , including Governmental units , quasi Govt. organisations and professional practitioners spanning through LENSFED, GRACE,AllA, BAI and LESA

Essential Data input

The details furnished in a good drawing prepared for professional used by engineers will have all dimensions and a table of joinery and specifications. What data to be entered in ESTIMA is also this much .


Estima generates 9 essential reports required for the complete estimation document namely detailed Estimate, Abstract Estimate ,Material & Labour Requirements (item wise & consolidated), Steel Adequacy, Rate Analysis and Tender schedule .

ESTIMA highlights

Standard Data& specification

Standard data & specification followed for all items can be modified at your will and convenience. New items and specification can also be added to the data bank.


ESTIMA is highly accurate and can be operated easily .

Target Achieving

Enter the target of estimates .ESTIMA will adjust all rates and total to this target in seconds .

Cost clock

ESTIMA keeps vigil on cost with a Dynamic cost clock which helps the engineer in making correct decisions.


ESTIMA takes you through turbo option for still faster track.


ESTIMA gives you the gift of editing correcting and omitting mouse clicks and key stores. it is so highly flexible that the user can customize or change any data and rates as per his requirements.

Singular Entry

Inter linking of various items facilitates singular entry scheme for recurring events .

Wood Work

ESTIMA gives you full details of wood work with a few clicks.

Steel table & Steel Reinforcement Details

Calculation is made easy and fast with ESTIMA. Adequacy of steel is available in click times .

Dynamic Saving

Don't worry about power failure as ESTIMA saves all the entries dynamically .

Standard (GUI)

ESTIMA is attractive and user friendly . Users can work for long time without strain .

Help and on-line Customer Support

ESTIMA includes full assistance to any level of users .

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